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Office Partitions Partitioning From Akenstone Berkeley of London

Akenstone Berkeley Ltd of London UK have specialized in all aspects of the design and construction of commercial and office interiors since 1974. Projects range from minor office partitioning installation or alteration, to major fit outs or office refurbishment.

Clients include both large and small companies, architects, government and local authorities. Both UK and overseas. Our expertise in office interiors and refurbishment covers a multitude of products and services including glass partitions suspended ceilings, carpets, flooring, electrical and lighting.



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Glass Office Partitions
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glass partitions
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Akenstone Berkeley have the skills and experience to bring you a working environment that enhances the lives of those who work within it, compliments, facilitates and improves the processes and workings of your business, and impresses clients and visitors alike. The majority of us spend most of waking hours at work, and the importance of working with a company that knows how to produce the environment that you require, when you want it, and within your budget cannot be over emphasised. Akenstone Berkeley services extend across the whole process, right through from design and construction to installation and alterations. For More information about how we can help you, call us now on 0208 9001128 or contact us online.

How to Use Glass Creatively in Your Office

The widespread production and use of toughened and laminated glass for architectural purposes has opened up a whole new world of creativity in internal office environments. Shaping, colour, films and decorative treatments, lighting, and the combination of the glass with different frames are just some of the ways that the workplace itself has become inspirational and enjoyable. Much of the creativity focuses on glass office partitions and how they are presented. Here are some of the sources of creativity that I have observed in office environments. Read more....


Why Most Office Partitions Are Bespoke

Although today’s offices can incorporate design features and themes which have a huge spectrum of influences, there is still a basic functionality and work focus that is needed in an office. There are standard sizes to many components doors, windows, suspended ceiling tiles, and other aspects of office interiors, and similarities between many office layouts and sizes. Having said this installing office partitions is inevitably going to require what is essentially bespoke work for a number of reasons. Here are just some of areas which can govern or contribute to such customisation. Read more...


How to Create a Glass Office Using Partitions

The last 3 decades have seen a rise in the increased and more imaginative use of glass to make up the majority of the outer surface area of new office buildings. This can create a spectacular effect, and advances in the strength, tinting and colouring of external glass means that privacy and design possibilities are not compromised. The use of glass, particularly in the last decade has been extended to the office interior. There has been a quest to create a division of office space for specific functions and roles but not to compromise the benefits offered by an open plan look and feel to the office interior. Toughened glass has proved to be an ideal medium to help achieve the balance between aesthetics, safety, hard wearing functionality, and affordability for the end buyer. What sort of features therefore make up the perfect glass internal office?

Creating this type of internal office effectively involves the imaginative use of glass office partitions. These are generally made of 10mm or 12mm toughened glass panels and doors. Doors made of other materials such as beech veneered doors can also be combined with the panels if required. For particularly clean lines, and to create a completely clear look to the office frameless glass doors can be fitted. Read More...


Using Toughened Glass Partitions in Your Office

Many offices have at least some areas within them which include office partitions. These partitions can be temporary or permanent, can be floor to ceiling height or lower, and can incorporate rooms, corridors and glazed areas into the design. Many such partitions use solid panels e.g. PVC / plastic , MDF or even metal e.g. aluminium frames because they are flexible materials in terms of what can be constructed from them, and many different finishes and colours can be easily applied to them. For example, laminate finishes are popular, although materials such as silk can also be applied to solid panels to provide an extra element of aesthetic appeal. In recent years however there has been a high demand for glass office partitions, and for architectural glass art pieces, particularly in corporate offices and design / creative related industries.

Although essentially made from the same underlying material i.e. toughened glass panels of varying sizes, there is no real ‘standard’ glass office partition. In the first instance these panels are made / cut to measure depending on the area of the office they have to fit into. Strong aluminium tracks, which can be made in a variety of colours, provide the supporting, and unobtrusive framework. These tracks can also be carried on vertically from floor to ceiling, or for a cleaner line clear or crystal silicone can be used along the joints. Read more...


Building A More Flexible Office Environment By Using Office Partitions

For a country with a high dependence on service industries an office environment is where many people spend most of their working life in the UK. Although budgets play a large part in deciding how, where and what offices are, there are many other aspects of an organisation which dictate what an office environment is ‘like’ physically, and what employees experience there.

The human elements and the actual business / the work at hand take place against a physical backdrop which is dictated to large extent by the nature of the work itself e.g. where there is a lot of talking and noise but individuals need quiet to talk and listen on phones then there is likely to be the use of partitions or barriers which offer sound insulation. Read more..

The History of Office Partitions

Offices in the 1960s were very different in some ways, although there are still some common elements. The first 2 post war decades saw a large focus on psychological research of all kinds in the U.S. and the ‘office worker’ was no exception. This research however did lead to some lasting change in the physical office environment and formed the beginnings of today’s office partitions.

The Herman Miller Research Corporation in 1960 studied how offices functioned with the research being led mainly by Robert Propst. At that point in time many offices were using a purely open layout – many rows of desks in an open space with everybody able to see, and able to be seen by everybody else. There was a standardised appearance to everything. Propst’s research findings however indicates that in the modern office there was a lot more information for the individual to deal with than there had been in the past, and the open design wasn’t totally conducive to facilitating the handling and understanding of this information. Read more...


3 Ways To Improve The Office Environment

Updating and altering the office environment can be necessary for a number of reasons including changes in staffing / staffing levels, changes in business strategy and direction , changes in ownership / new premises, re-branding, or simply because it’s something that is long overdue, and has been planned for. The type and quality of working environment can have a big impact on for example, communications (helping or hindering), staff morale, staff comfort, business processes and their effectiveness, efficiency and energy costs. When an office environment for example is updated or improved the refurbishment work and its extent obviously relates closely to the specified needs of that particular organisation. There are however some popular services that office refurbishment companies provide, and this article looks at 3 of these.

1. Installing office partitions (like Mezzanine Floors) is a way to make the best use of the space within the actual solid structure of the building. Corridors, office, reception areas and meeting rooms can all be created using a variety of modern materials, finishes and colours. Glass, sliding and folding, and aluminium and steel framed partitions with varied panels and glazed areas can all be designed and installed to exactly fit the space, function and existing design schemes. Read more...

3 Key Benefits of Office Partitions

The popular services industry in the UK and the customer service and marketing parts of most modern businesses require the use of office space. Health and Safety legislation (and fear of litigation), the evolution of office interior design and fashions, and the increasing expectations of staff and customers make having good, and intelligent office interior design more important than ever. Since the parallel evolution of office partitions from workstation / cubicle structures to modern, modular and glass structures a memorable and productive physical office environment on any scale is now a realistic and affordable proposition for most businesses. Read more...

Creating Excellent Visual Effects With Office Partitions

Advances in glass manufacturing and convergences of different technologies, different industries and art itself have meant that it’s now possible to bring amazing visual effects into office environment. Taking toughened safety glass as the main structural component and combining it with other materials, objects, decoration and power sources can add a whole new inspiring and amazing visual dimension to glass partitions. Read more...

The Modern Office Look

Today’s office environments go far beyond the faceless, functional admin factories of the past. There is now a lot more cross-over between design elements that could be found for example in a domestic setting, a hotel, a restaurant, or public building and the workplace. Similar interior design options for individual elements wouldn’t look out of place in each e.g. the flooring, the blinds, the ceilings, the lighting etc. An office refurbishment today achieves a modern look only through a balanced combination of elements that can produce an end result that is greater than the sum of its parts. Read more...


Glass Partitions
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