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Mezzanine Floors

Do you need more floor space to make your business run more smoothly?

Is your business rapidly outgrowing the space you have but relocating or extending the permanent structure of your existing premises aren’t viable options at the current time?

Does the ceiling in your current business premises look high enough to house another floor or raised platform?

Installing Mezzanine Floors allows you to create more floor space within your existing premises in a cost effective way.

What Are Mezzanine Floors?

They are in most cases an extra floor (or multiple floors) created within your existing premises with access via stairs, lifts as normal. They are essentially created through the construction of raised steel structured platforms which can be finished in keeping with the rest of the internal environment or indeed made to be a individual and bespoke in design as you want them to be.

What Are The Benefits of Mezzanine Floors?

  • Increased Floor Space (sometimes by 2 or 3 times as much!). You can increse your floor space dramatically without the high costs, disruption and problems which result from relocating the business or extending the permanent structure.
  • Saving money. You can convert what was simply unused space above your head into more floor space, but you will be using the same light and heat.
  • You can take them with you if you have to move. Mezzanine floors are demountable so they can be taken with you if you do eventually have to relocate. They are lightweight.
  • Flexibility. Mezzanine floors can be used for a huge variety of purposes e.g. storage space, production, office or retail space, or they can even be made into a building of their own within your main building. The choice and combination of colours, finishes and decoration is extremely wide.
  • Safety and strength. Despite their demountable lightweight nature, they are stable and strong, and they can be fire rated / can incorporate the most modern fire protection materials.
  • Minimised disruption. They can be installed very quickly, they are generally pre-finished and they don’t require many of the other types of work that building extensions require e.g. brickwork, wet trades etc. These benefits coupled with the fact that your trust the whole job to one company that can co-ordinate all the work means that disruption to work and distractions from work can be minimised.
  • Tax benefits and minimised red tape. The fact that mezzanine floors are demountable and can be taken with you if you need to re-locate gives them capital equipment tax advantages. Although Mezzanine floors are subject to Building Regulations approval, we can manage all calculations and local authority approval matters for you.

If your business premises is based in the London area, and you would like to find out more about your Mezzanine Flooring options and opportunities call us now on 0208 900 1128 or contact us online.



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