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Sliding / Folding Partitions

Managing and making the best use of the space available to enhance the operation of business in a cost effective way is something that businesses and organisations of all kinds would like to achieve. Modern options to achieve this include Mezzanine Floors to increase floor space within the same building and the use office partitions of all kinds.

Office Partitions

Permanent office partitions are fantastic way to divide the existing floor space in a bespoke way so that your can create ideal office layout and environment that will enhance and assist the daily business operation, processes and systems.

What if you need to make different use of the same space and need to alter the layout of that space on a regular basis e.g. a part of an office, school, college, hotel, conference centre?

Installing Sliding Folding Partitions

Even more flexible than demountable glass partitions and more encompassing than non full height partitions or portable screen style structures are sliding folding partitions. Variations upon the sliding folding partition option are known by different names including moveable walls, operable walls, concertina style partitions or accordion style partitions.

These different variations basically take on 3 different forms:

  1. Panels which move along an aluminium track to form a wall, and have different stacking options. These also incorporate a pass door.
  2. Panels which are hinged all the way along a track / tracks and operate in a similar way to bi-folding doors. These fold in the centre or at the end. These also incorporate a pass door.
  3. The real ‘concertina’ design partitions. These generally consist of a metal frame with a strong but flexible coating (material and vinyl). These pull across and fasten as one wing or in two parts, and as such they either stack on one or both sides of a space. They are a lower cost alternative to the stacking of hinged, sold panel idea.

The Main Benefits of Sliding Folding Partitions

  • Maximum flexibility in use of space.
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation when partitions in use.
  • Bespoke design. Huge variety of colours, finishes, glazing / vision panel and design options to choose from.

If your premises are in the London area, and you would like to find out more about how you can utilise your space in a cost effective way call Akenstone Berkeley on 0208 900 1128 or contact us online for more details.



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