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Suspended Ceilings

Most of us are familiar with the appearance of suspended ceilings in an office environment, but you may not be aware of multitude of important benefits that they actually provide. The benefits that are the real reason for the popularity of suspended ceilings include:

  • Their tidy, uniform appearance. A clean, tidy ceiling in a light reflecting colour helps to create a better office environment.
  • They effectively hide the things you don’t want to be seen. Modern offices have a lot of cables, and ducting for air conditioning, and a suspended ceiling is a perfect way to hide these.
  • Easy access to lighting, wiring and air conditioning ducting. The suspended grid with easily removable panels means that access is available at all times to any specific part of the wiring / ducting. The ability to just remove and replace small individual panels is much more convenient and less costly and disruptive than having to take down and replace whole areas of a solid plaster ceiling.
  • Great soundproofing and improved acoustics. The panels (with a gap above them to the true ceiling) effectively damp the sound to improve acoustics in the room, and insulate against noise pollution to the floor above.
  • Energy cost savings and improved performance of temperature control and air conditioning systems. A lower ceiling means a smaller room area to heat up or cool down, so the process can happen more quickly and more cheaply. The suspended ceiling panels are also good thermal insulators.
  • Quick to install. Installing a suspended ceiling needn’t cause major and costly disruptions to the business.
  • Easy and cheap to repair damage. You simply need to replace individual panels if they are damaged.
  • Great flexibility with lighting options. The flexibility of and ease of access to the ceiling panels and the space above them give greater scope for lighting options and choices.
  • Cost effective. When you consider the alternatives and costs and disruption associated with them installing suspended ceilings in your office makes perfect sense.

Let Akenstone Berkeley give you the opportunity to enjoy all of these benefits through our suspended ceiling installation service. Trust in our knowledge and experience of installing top quality, great looking suspended ceilings in commercial premises of all kinds over many years. We can offer you the choice of curved or straight bulkheads, and the pick of top class ceiling products and components from the major trusted manufacturers including Armstrong, Donn, Owa, Burgess, Echofon, Rockfon, Celotex, and British Gypsom.

If your office is based in the London area, for more information and a quote call Akenstone Berkeley on 0208 900 1128 or contact us online for more details.



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